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  • Syntetisk gearolje for hardt belastede gearkasser og transaksler.
  • Senker oljetemperaturen og har maksimal oljefilmstyrke for best mulig beskyttelse.
  • Har Limited Slip additiver.
  • Bør ikke benyttes i manuelle synchromesh gearkasser.


Used by top race teams in rear ends, differentials and transmissions, this unique synthetic gear oil reduces operating temperatures by up to 9°C compared to other brand gear oils.

Proven durability on short tracks and road courses.

Fortified with high levels of moly friction reducer.

Contains Limited Slip additive.

Viscosity typical of 75W-110.

Formerly referred to as Synthetic Gear Oil.

DRIVEN GO 75W-110 Synthetic Racing Gear Oil is formulated for High Performance/Racing applications only. This is not an API type service oil. Most suited for road course applications where prolonged speed and temperatures are encountered.

GO 75W-110 Syntetisk Racing Gir Olje

kr 620,00 Vanlig pris
kr 496,00Salgspris